Richard’s Rwanda IMPUHWE

Richard’s Rwanda/IMPUHWE (RRI), started by SGS Alum Jessica Markowitz when she was a student at SGS in 2006, is a student-led group that is committed to girls’ education and cultural exchange. RRI is headquartered at Seattle Girls’ School and continues to be a youth-led organization. The organization supports the scholarship fees for a minimum of 20 Rwandan girls through 2018. The scholarships go to girls in the rural area of Nyamata to enable them to complete their primary education and six years of secondary school. By having the opportunity to complete their secondary school education, each girl’s ability to earn an income and become leaders in their community is enhanced.

IMPUHWE means compassion in Kinyarwanda.

I- inspire, M- motivate, P-powerful, U-undiscovered, H-hopeful, W-women, (with), E-education

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