Let's Read, Let's Move

How are your daughter’s doing with their summer reading? There is much evidence that suggests that achievement gaps actually develop over the summer months depending on what kind of environment the child is immersed in from June to August. Sports, cultural activities, and travel can also keep that young mind active and engaged. We don’t all have the privilege of affording such experiences for our children, but a good book and good conversation can produce similar results.

Research is also very clear on the value of exercise for both physical and mental health. At SGS, we continue to find ways to make sure our students are active throughout the day – even while in the classroom. We hope that your daughters are taking advantage of the sunny weather to do some disconnecting from television and technology in order to get outside and get moving.

For more on the national “Let’s Read, Let’s Move” Campaign, visit:

Let’s Move, Let’s Read

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