Open Letter from Michelle Obama

This week’s homework assignment is birthed from tragedy but provides a potential lesson on tolerance and non-violence. The timing of the MLK holiday could not be more appropriate. I share with you the open letter from first lady Michelle Obama regarding the tragic shooting in Tucson.

Link to Open Letter from Michelle Obama

If you have not done so already, please have a conversation with your daughter about what she may be feeling about such an event. Why? How? What does it mean? There will be no easy answers as the first lady tells us; but we must engage children during these times and not assume that they remain disconnected in today’s connected world.

On Tuesday, Grace Hopper Award winner Judge Mary Yu will visit Community Meeting. This will provide an opportunity for the girls to hear from a remarkable role model who stands for justice and the rue of law every day. I expect that her impact will be great and could provide a hopeful component to the on-going conversation. I intend to follow-up on Thursday with a final check-in with the community on their thoughts and feelings.

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