NEW Website – National Coalition of Girls' Schools

Time to check out the newly unveiled NCGS website. It has a new “look and feel” and serves as an excellent resource in making the case for girls’ schools. When the coalition was first founded, many schools for girls were closing or merging with boys schools to become coed institutions. Two decades later, there is compelling evidence for the power and efficacy of single-gender education – for both boys and girls.

On Monday night, the symposium participants were hosted at Southfield School in Brookline. The story of Southfield is an interesting one. It is a 20 year old girls school that was actually “birthed” by Dexter, an 85 year old boys school. As their Head of School toured me around their impressive facility, I could not help but think of Initiative IV in the SGS Strategic Plan 🙂

The pendulum has clearly swung back toward considering single-gender schools as strong options in our search for differentiating instruction for the individual learner.

Check out the new NCGS website – Click Here

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