Snapshots: Emerson Lynch ’07

For SGS alum Emerson Lynch, middle school was a formative time– inside and outside of the school curriculum. “I came out as queer in seventh grade when I was at SGS, and I think that the expectation that you would be accepting of everyone was really a part of the school culture,” they explain. “When I came out, everyone was really supportive. It was a safe place for me to do that, thankfully.” SGS’s strong focus on anti-bias training and learning was important to Emerson, and they appreciated the availability of affinity groups where students with shared identities could come together for conversation and community. 

Looking back on their most memorable experiences, Emerson told us about the 7th earth science project studying volcanoes and hazards, complete with a class trip to Mount St. Helens. Emerson really enjoyed the final group project challenging students to work together and respond to a natural disaster with limited resources. “I think back on that project a lot because it was not only really fun, but also practical.” Emerson reignited their love for earth science during undergrad at Smith College and is now a PhD candidate in geology at Northern Arizona University. Emerson’s work focuses on earthquakes rather than volcanoes, but “it’s all related.”

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