SGS September Round-Up

SGS September Round Up

What happened this month around SGS?  

After an eventful summer, it was so exciting to get back in the classroom this month to kick off the 2021-22 school year! In addition to welcoming everyone back, we had a busy month full of projects, field trips, visitors, and getting to know our new classmates. We are looking forward to another year of learning joyfully. 

6th grader Divya B. said, “I really loved having the first day of school and learning all about what the rest of the year is going to look like. I’m really looking forward to all the field trips like the low ropes course we’ll be going to!” 

Visitor Spotlight: Rep. Kirsten Harris-Talley

From left: Ms. Lulu, 8th graders Brooklyn, Zamiah, LaJaya, and Nyomi with Rep. Harris-Talley

We were thrilled to host 37th District Representative Kirsten Harris-Talley, the first Black queer woman to serve in the Washington State Legislature. “I never saw people that looked like me in politics when I was growing up,” she said.

She credited activism and communities demanding representation with making her path to the legislature possible. Her career is rooted in activism, starting with reproductive justice and then expanding through intersectionality to work with climate change activists and abolitionists fighting oppressive incarceration policies. Our students were enthralled by what she had to share, and we are thankful for the time she spent with us. 

Classroom happenings

Music filled the halls once again as 5th and 6th graders were introduced to their instruments. Watch the video here to see this 6th grade class’s starting point on We Will Rock You! 6th graders also created silhouette portraits and chose symbols, colors, materials, and designs to represent who they are. 

Meanwhile, 7th and 8th grade have been putting the Scientific Method into practice, which will give them an incredible platform and skills to be able to create testable and measurable questions. 

7th graders also spent three days planting the seeds of the year-long theme: the roots of positive change. This culminated with a walking tour of the Central District and designing their own Zootopia district (from the movie). 

Meet the new SFA Leads!

We are excited to introduce you to the new leads of the Seattle Girls School Family Association (SFA). Here is a quick reiteration of the SFA Mission:

  • Stewarding strong community among families and a strong partnership between families and the school
  • Supporting school programs through creating a culture of families volunteering
  • Strengthening relationships between SGS and the broader community

Our focus this year is on Community Building. We want to introduce you to your SFA Leads. If you want to volunteer or have an idea to improve our community, you can find us in the Blackbaud directory.

Co-Chair Janet Ceballos
Co-Chair Maya Arias
Secretary  Katja Koehnlein
Volunteer Coordinator Corrie Watterson
Staff/Teacher Appreciation Audrey Wang
Family Ed Nicole Truesdale
Aya Sethi
Families of Color Connection Percy Allen
8th Grade Parent Reps Rachel Anderson
Sabrina Endres
7th Grade Parent Reps David Spohr 
Sabrina Scott
6th Grade Parent Reps Sandra Nanney
Julie Seltzer
5th Grade Parent Reps Nilu Jenks
Leila Margolis
Donisha Humphrey

Student voices throughout the month 

“I had fun hanging out with my friends, getting my SGS computer, and doing an experiment in science class.” – Navya K., 5th grade

“A highlight of the week was humanities. I really like the class. I am excited for the stories we are going to write. I also really like park trips!” – Lois B., 6th grade

“I really have enjoyed lunch lately. I get the school “Lunch Ladies’ ‘ hot lunch. Lunch is where I can talk to my friends, read, or just chow down on some good food. It’s my favorite part of the day, next to park break.” – Rose D., 6th grade

“This week in Spanish, we’ve been practicing using vocabulary to ask simple questions about things like food, animals, or colors. We’ve learned different strategies to ask for help if we’re not sure how to pronounce a word, or if we don’t know what word to use, and we’ve been enjoying our time learning about each other’s favorite animal, color, etc. in a different language. ” – Anjou A., 7th grade

 “A highlight from this week is during orientation we made an art project based on Zootopia. It was really fun using such obscure supplies and cultivating our creativity!” – Salma A., 7th grade

“One thing I really enjoyed this week was the guest speaker because she really inspired me to be an activist. Another thing I enjoyed was when I ran the I-90 bridge with cross country because that really pushed me to be on time and run farther faster!” – Aislin F., 8th grade

“My first highlight is on Monday we got to have our first art class and we got free art time and I made beaded jewelry. It was a good time to talk to people I have not yet talked to and talk to people I already know. My second highlight was getting to decorate my science notebook with stickers, we all had so much fun rushing to finish our notebook setup so we could get an extra two.”  – Arlo H., 8th grade



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