Annual Report 2013-14

Welcome from the Student Council

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Hello from the seventh grade Student Council! Our seventh grade year is all about leadership. The SGS community has elected us as this year’s Student Council and we’ve been given this opportunity to write this message to tell you a bit about last year. First, we wanted to tell you a little bit about our school.

We feel like the learning here is very different from most middle schools. We embrace mistakes and learn from them because we’re given the chance to work through our mistakes. Our teachers cater to our independent learning styles and always support us when we have questions. We work to build up the confidence of everybody – regardless of gender, race and ability – we are all equal.

We also feel like our student voices are heard through suggestion box, class meetings, and by giving feedback to teachers and classmates at many points in the year. We get to speak up and make a change about anything we feel is unfair or needs to be different. SGS gives us a chance to learn how to advocate for ourselves and take charge.

We believe we can change the world by changing people’s perspectives. We’re changing how girls are seen in the world. This year, we’re especially looking forward to making an impact with our Pay It Forward projects. In seventh grade, we get a chance to pick an issue we feel strongly about, learn about the topic so we can educate others, and then encourage others to do something. We ask ourselves, “What can we do to make a difference?” Not only are we giving back, but we are also paying it forward.

Now, we wanted to tell you a little about the most exciting parts of last year from our perspective. For one, we got to talk to Hillary and Chelsea Clinton! SGS also introduced a summer program, where younger kids can take a STEAM course, and our students can sign up to lead as student mentors. It was great to build relationships with the kids, and it was fun to see them learn things that they normally might not experience. “I felt so professional and felt like I was giving back. I’ve gone to a lot of camps, but nothing where I got to have kids looking up to me.” STEAM changed our school. It’s now part of our curriculum and gives us a chance to feel empowered. We know that we can do anything as well as anyone else can.

On behalf of the SGS community, we want to thank everyone for supporting our wonderful school. We believe this is a great place for young women to become empowered to do great things. Without your support, this wouldn’t be possible.


Student Council Signatures

A note from Rafael…

Rafael_webI have the privilege of sharing the leadership of our unique school with our students! Empowering young adolescents places a responsibility on the adults in their lives to genuinely listen to them and respect their perspectives. The girls of SGS have some great ideas, and they are determined to put them into action. Come see for yourself. They are eager to talk to you!

Rafael del Castillo, Head of School

A Few Key Highlights of 2013-2014

To get an inside look at the mission of Seattle Girls’ School in action, watch the videos below that illustrate some of the key events and activities of the 2013-2014 school year.

First STEAM Camp + STEAM Surge

SGS launched its first week-long STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Math) summer camp in August 2013. We also saw our first annual STEAM Surge in November 2013, which is a two-week project-intensive time that immerses all SGS girls in projects like programming, robotics, and building hydraulic arms. After experiencing our STEAM programs, girls can visualize themselves as scientists, engineers, and software developers.


Sharon Hammel Garden Completed

Our Sharon Hammel Garden, named after a Seattle Girls’ School Founder, was completed in the 2013-2014 school year through generous donations and almost 500 volunteer hours. The project includes a vegetable garden, wildflower garden, rain garden, and green house. The garden not only beautifies our campus, but it serves many purposes including being a backdrop for curriculum and a place for students to gather outside.

Watch as Anastacia Tolbert (Ms. A), who taught 5th grade in the 2013-2014 school year, talks about the development of her curriculum around the garden and what it meant for her class.

Sharon Hammel Garden

We Welcomed Consulting Psychologist: Dr. Ronnie Cunngingham

We welcomed Dr. Ronnie Cunningham as a consulting psychologist at the beginning of the 2013-2014 school year. Dr. C. is on campus at SGS every other week and is a valuable resource to our students and families. With 20 years of experience in education and psychology, he is passionate about helping students.

Consulting Psychologist: Dr. Ronnie Cunningham

First Entrepreneur Day

On January 21, 2014, 7th grade students took a progressive field trip to learn about entrepreneurship on our very first Entrepreneur Day. The day was organized by Liz Pearce, CEO of LiquidPlanner. During their field trip, students heard about product development (Sarah Bryar, CEO of Rivet & Sway), fundraising (Julie Sandler, Principal of Madrona Venture Group), software development (Liz Pearce, CEO of LiquidPlanner), intellectual property (Christina Lomasney, Physicist, President and CEO (co-founder) of Modumetal), building a brand (Jane Park, CEO and Founder of Julep), and finally, developing culture in the workplace (Sarah Bird, CEO of Moz). The second Entrepreneur Day is scheduled for February 26, 2015.

Entrepreneur Day 2014

Chosen to Participate in the No Ceilings Skype Conversation with the Clinton Foundation

Former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton and Chelsea Clinton spoke with girls at Seattle Girls’ School  during a live Skype conversation on April 17, 2014. SGS was one of four schools selected by the Clinton Foundation to participate in this very first No Ceilings conversation, which was moderated by America Ferrera, on the topics of girls’ education and future leadership.

Watch as this student recalls her experience of being given the opportunity to speak with these influential women during our Skype call.

No Ceilings Skype Conversation with the Clinton Foundation

Largest Annual Luncheon

The 12th Annual Seattle Girls’ School Luncheon, held on May 8, 2014, was the most-attended Luncheon to date with over 600 attendees. What is remarkable about the Luncheon is that our students host the program and collaborate on the creation of its content. Join us for our 13th Annual Luncheon on May 14, 2015.

Take a look at what this student says about her experience being an emcee for the event last year.


12th Annual Luncheon

Track Team Added to our Athletics Program

In the 2013-2014 school year, SGS added its very first track team to our athletics program. Listen to how this student’s track experience shifted her ideas of what it means to be part of a team.

Track - Being Part of the Team

2013-2014 Financial Summary













Financial Aid


Total Financial Aid Granted $583,890


Students Who Received Financial Aid 46%



Endowment as of June 2014: $4,781,043


We’re so thankful for our generous donors!

Every effort has been made to acknowledge each donor. We apologize for any omissions or errors. If we need to make a correction to your listing, please call us at 206-709-2228.

A special thank you to the members of our Leadership Circles. These donors support the unique educational opportunities at Seattle Girls’ School through substantial and ongoing contributions.

Leadership Giving Circle (*) = Supporters who gave $1,000 or more to SGS in the 2013-2014 fiscal year.

Sustaining Leadership Circle (#) = Pledged $1,000 or more, per year, for 3-5 years. These supporters provide a reliable and ongoing source of income to SGS, allowing us to plan for years ahead.

5 Consecutive Years (+) = Donors who have given to SGS for 5+ consecutive years. We are so thankful to these supporters for their ongoing contributions.

Businesses + Foundations

Achlys Gardens
Brant Foundation
Broadview Associates, Ltd.
Capers Home, Inc.
Cedar Grove
Center for Spiritual Living
Dialogue Pictures
Dwell NW
Glaser Foundation
Intellectual Ventures
Killer Infographics
Kyser Musical Products
LPD Engineering PLLC
Mahlum Architects
Mark and Susan Torrance Foundation
Meeples Games
Microsoft Corporation
Miller Nash LLP
Nielsen Shields PLLC
NWI Group
One Pacific Coast Bank
Pacific Mobile Structures
Raikes Foundation
Seattle Foundation
State of Washington Combined Fund Drive
Sterling Savings Bank
SwopBoard Inc.
The Val Sanford Group
Women’s Funding Alliance

Matching Gifts

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
Expedia, Inc
Getty Images
Russell Investments
Wells Fargo Foundation

Tribute Gift

Tribute gift in memory of SGS founder, Lloyd Hammel, by Ellen Wallach


Joan Abrevaya
Sara Ainsworth and Matthew Shoudy
Debbie Akhbari
Kim Albrecht
Mollie and Carl Albrecht *
Kazal Ali
Linda and Tom Allen * #
Lorna and Thomas Allen *
Kandace Alston
Lisa and Michael Anderson
Marissa Andrada #
Esther Andrews
Rochelle Angel and Trevor Frydenlund
Jill and Jim Angelo * +
Anonymous (3)
Tracy Malkin Appleyard
Sandra Archibald
Sandy and Joel Aslanian * # +
Nancy Avinger and Linda Lillevik
Lee Badovinus
Amy Balliett
Courtney Banks
Jana Barber and Roy Lamb * +
Karen and J. Mark Barrett
Michele Bartel
Sheree Bascomb
Destiny Bassett
Sutapa Basu
Lolly Bates * #
Mia Baudry
Brenda Bauer and Celia Castle +
Kerry Bauman and James Costello
Joan Beauregard
Kate Beck
Tracy Beck
Janet Beeby +
Kat Behrend
Amy and John Bell
Danielle Bellert
Caitlin Bellum
Winda Benedetti
Jane Biddle
Karen Binder and Marilyn Zucker
Sarah Bird and Eric Clayton McMillan *
Tomitha Blake
Sheri and Paul Bloch
Allisha Blood
Sharon Bloome * +
Patricia Blumenthal
Sarah Boden # +
Paula Boggs and Randee Fox *
Michelle Bonam
Rachel Bondi *
Sarah Bowers
Violet Boyer
Debbie and Paul Brainerd *
Erik Brand
Marja Brandon and Rob Drake * # +
Barbara Brandt
Diana and Don Brandvold
Blaze Bresko and Dan Say
Barb and Bob Breskovich *
Heather Bridges
Adriane and Darryl Brown
Meredith Easton Brown
Harriet Bullitt #
Sanni Burkhart
Kyla Burns
Shelley Butler and Larry Hubbell #
Cynthia Buxton
Margie Byrne +
Roxanne Byrne +
Erin Byrnes and Bryan Hawkins
Cheryl Cameron and Brian Kehrer
Amber Campbell
Phyllis Campbell
Laura Cañate
Linda Cannon
Nancy Beyer Cannon +
Liza and Mike Caputo
Karen Carlson-Iffert
Kim and Ned Carner
Abigail Carter
Jean Carter and Jerry Sparrow
Alexa Carver
Marea Angela Castañeda and John Zilly
Beth Castleberry #
Sandy Cavanaugh #
Ken Cederstrand and David Watts * +
Trinity and Don Chandler
Christina Chang and Paul Stucki *
Louise Chernin and Mary Klein +
Laura-Mae Baldwin and Carl Chew
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Jeanne Chowning
Byron Christiansen +
Connie Chrobuck
Laurie Lootens Chyz and Grant Chyz +
Nicole Clark and Leonard Burns
Kelli Cleave
Carmen Clemente and Gary Bauer
Jessica Cobbe
Karen Clarke Cole
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Andrea and Michael Connell +
Karen Conover and Martyn Thrussell
Claire Cordon
Carla Corkern and Caleb Neames * # +
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Heather and Ron Correa
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Ann and Matthew Doherty
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Karen Foster-Schubert and Ken Schubert
Danielle Franks and Koshal Thirumalai
Lisa Daniels Frederking
Julia Claeys Freeland
Amy and Eric Friedland
Batya Friedman and Peter Kahn Jr.
Tiffany and Robert Fuentes
Jennifer Gaer and Mark Personius
Jodie Gahard +
Erin Gainey
Mimi Gan and Everett Billingslea
Shanta Gangolli +
Cindy Gantz * +
C’Ardiss Gardner and Josh Gleser
Andrea and David Garten
Lauren and Peter Gaylord * +
Jennifer and Anthony Geist
Dianne and Fred George
Gabrielle Gerhard and Suresh Kotha
Cathy Gibson and Aleksei Krasnokutsky
Gail Gillenwater

Individuals (con’t)

Reba Gilman
Peggy Gilmer #
Lisa Gilmore
Annalisa Gironi and Kevin McCarthy
RoseAnn Gizinski
Laura Glass and Kevin Harris
Shelley and Jeff Gleed
Catherine Gluckstein
Yolanda Goff
Sabra Goldick #
Larisa Goldin
Kris and Oscar Gonzales
Agnieszka Goss
Jean and Mark Greaves
Celwyn and Josef Green
Pam and Jay Greer *
Natasha Grossman
Tammy Gwinn
Julia de Haan *
Deborah Haensli and Randall Dixon
Hallidie and Donald Haid * # +
Brittany Halberg
Peg Hall and Moss Patashnik +
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Sharon Hammel and Harvey Rubinstein * # +
Dana and Keith Hammer *
Yoshiko Harden
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Stephanie and Michael Harrington
Alexes Harris and Eric Hampton
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Lise Hewitt and Geoffrey Baker
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Karen and Thomas Hoffman
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Sophie Hager Hume
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Kris and Brent Ingraham
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Christina James and Eric Tuch # +
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Bridgette and David Johnson
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Gayle A. Johnson
Olivia and Dustin Johnson *
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Janine and Brent Jones
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Stephanie Jung
Karen Kalzer and Chris McMahon
Anna Kaminski
Lisa Kartiganer and Joshua Schroeter
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Ann DeOtte Kaufman and Bart Kaufman +
Debra Kelley # +
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Daniella Kim
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Kalehua and Doug Kim
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Wendy and Kyle Kizzier
Darin Reynaud Knapp and Andy Knapp +
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Mary Yu
Jane Zalutsky and Mark Kantor * # +
Julie Zindle
Diana Zottman
Dan Zucker *
Wendy Zucker

2013-2014 Board of Trustees



Heather Singh (Board Chair)

Jill Angelo (Board Vice Chair)

Jennifer Divine (Board Vice Chair)

Tim Wood (Board Vice Chair)

Val Sanford (Board Secretary)




Joan Beauregard

Beth Castleberry

Sarah Boden

Harvey Rubinstein (SGS Founder)

Liz Marzolf

Amy Michaels

Edie Middleton

Mary Lavern-Oakes

Jody Page

Akiko Waters

Leonard Yerkes

Dan Zucker


How Can I Make a Difference?

We appreciate every single one of our supporters – donors, mentors, volunteers, etc. There are many ways you can support SGS. The support we receive from each of these is integral to our school’s success.

Thank you! We appreciate you!




Invite a prospective family to learn more. Contact Admissions at 206.709.2228, ext. 1220 for more information.










Make a one-time or monthly donation. Gifts can be made via check to Seattle Girls’ School, or online at







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Help raise visibility of Seattle Girls’ School by spreading the word about the work we do.









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Why Does Your Gift Matter?

Spend a little time at SGS, observing the classrooms and speaking to the students, and it won’t take long to see why your gift to SGS matters. Our current students, as well as our alums, clearly articulate why a school like SGS matters.

What do our students say?

SGS teaches me it’s okay to be different, be the leader. I can stand out. – 6th grade student

When I graduate from SGS, I want to be a lawyer because it shows great leadership and standing up for others’ rights. – 6th grade student

SGS has inspired me to be a leader, to stand up for what you believe in. – 8th grade student

When I graduate from SGS, I am going to do my best to make the world beautiful, and help out people in need. Change the world! – 6th grade student

My favorite thing about SGS is how no one judges you and you go through everything together. – 7th grade student

When I graduate from SGS I will influence my community. – 7th grade student

What do our alums say?

Anna McCormick, Class of 2013

Chiloe Barrera-Cloyd, Class of 2005

Natalie Anderson, Class of 2007

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