Being There Experiences

One of the hallmarks of a Seattle Girls’ School education is the opportunity to engage in being-there experiences that not only facilitate but also cement learning. These experiences are not the exception, but the norm for teaching at SGS.


Showing off new tricks learned during Wednesday Workshops with Skate Like A Girl Showcasing individual artwork at the Vera Project, 8th grade Meeting Washington State Senator, Patty Murray in Washington D.C., 7th grade Student-led walkout against gun violence Filming full-length movie for Production, 8th grade 6th Grade Bike Trip, Lopez Island Lewis + Clark Trip, 7th Grade Spanish Immersion Trip to Costa Rica, 8th Grade Mock Trial, 7th Grade Culmination, King County Courthouse


Caitlin Gaylord_2010


Some of my favorite memories of SGS are…being able to get learning out of an experiencenot just learning for a test or learning something so you can be quizzed on it and then totally forget it, which is how a lot of schools are. I think a lot of the information I learned at SGS really stuck with me because there was so much real-life application and it wasn’t just a multiple-choice test.

– Caitlin Gaylord, SGS Alum, Class of 2010


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