Curriculum Overview

Core Teachers, Specialists, + Grade Teams

Like most middle schools, teachers are hired to teach the content of one or more disciplines for one or more grades. Unlike many middle schools, we take holistic learning seriously and, as a result, we expect a high degree of coordination and collaboration among all of the teachers of a particular grade. The curriculum and classroom teaching of an individual teacher derives its context from the larger curriculum of a grade and adapts to the experiences of students in other classes. Teacher collaboration extends beyond simple schedules and logistics as the team must coordinate how they unfold the integrating themes, how they develop the core skills and meta-skills of leadership and social justice, how they orchestrate culminating projects, and how they address emergent challenges with individuals and groups of students.

Grade-Level Themes:

Throughout the year, students continually encounter their grade-level theme which shapes their curriculum and integrates learning across disciplines. Interested in the curriculum for each grade? Check out our Curriculum Guide»

5th Grade

  • Theme: Digging Deeper
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6th Grade

  • Theme: Development, Identity, + Progress
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7th Grade

  • Theme: Positive Change from the Ground Up
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8th Grade

  • Theme: Alone We Go Fast, Together We Go Far
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Content Areas

Core Skill Development

  • Communication
  • Problem Solving/Analytical + Critical Thinking
  • Democratic Citizenship
  • Leadership
  • Work Habits