Destination SGS 2021-2022

Welcome Admitted Families!


3:30 pm

Welcome from Asha Dean, Director of Enrollment Management

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3:40-4:15 pm

Grade Level Rooms (Zoom Links Below)

5th Grade | 6th Grade| 8th Grade

4:15 pm

Closing session with Asha Dean

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Mentor Event Recap

During our last Mentor Event on March 14th,  our mentor pods completed a Spring Cleaning Scavenger Hunt. Each mentor pod had a list of items they needed to collect from around their home. Some of the items were a little tricky so the groups had to be creative! Some of the funniest items found were a llama pen and a gold pineapple. This scavenger hunt was a great way to get to know each other and find things that everyone forgot about under their bed.

Fun Links

SGS SWAG Store – t-shirts, hoodies and more!

SGS Word Search

Friday Forum: March 19, 2021The Friday Forum is our weekly newsletter for families, with announcements, news items, important links, photos, videos, and more. Check out our latest edition.

Realizing A Vision – The Spring 2021 Art Show from our 8th grade class.

Events Calendar

Questions? Contact Asha Dean, Director of Enrollment Management

206.709.2228 ext 1220

Every year we gather together to celebrate our mission and our students at our annual Luncheon. This year, join us over your lunch hour to celebrate securing the future of SGS at our virtual groundbreaking ceremony.
Please click here to register. All attendees will receive a Zoom link prior to the event.

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