Learning Specialist Update

Hello, SGS families! I don’t know about you, but September flew by like a Taz-powered whirlwind for me! Starting with Orientation Scavenger Hunts, students have been visiting my office to chat with me and to learn more about what I do.  Some have popped in to grab learning, attention, and sensory tools that live in the Brain Space (such as putty, earplugs, ergonomic pencil grips, or highlighted reading strips). Some students who have diagnosed “Brain Stuff”  (and some who do not) have wanted to know more about Learning Plans, testing tips and strategies, the Brain Stuff Affinity group, and a variety of other things.    

Starting Thursday, October 14, I will be having a weekly Brain Stuff Work Lab for students with Learning Plans afterschool on Thursdays from 3:45-5:30 in the Cascade Room. Any student with an SGS Learning Plan is invited to attend for any amount of time during that block. We will have 1:1 check-in and executive functioning coaching time, as well as homework assistance. I recognize that students who have sports and other obligations on Thursdays will not be able to attend for very long, if at all. If students have another obligation but need to work with me, please let me know, and we can work on establishing a meeting time. (FYI: For weeks that follow our regular schedule, I am at SGS on Thursdays and Fridays and every other Wednesday.)

Here are some resources and workshops that students and families may find useful.


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