7th and 8th Grade Math

by Kara
and 8th grade math has started off strong! We have been very busy collaborating, finding new formulas, and applying them in real-world scenarios. Both 7th and 8th grade have just finished their capstone pieces for their last unit. In 8th grade, we made customized posters about linear functions. Students made up a scenario and equation based on a graph on one side,  and created their own equation and story on the other! Students were inventive in how they represented unit rates in their stories and showed their fluency in decoding linear graphs. In 7th grade, we had our first test of the year in Geometry. How can we figure out which formula is best for which shape, and how can we accurately apply it? Knowing what information to use when is critical in mathematics, and is a skill that's important to be able to use on any future tests. 
Next up in 7th grade is distribution, where we take an algebraic approach to area using generic rectangles. In 8th grade, we'll be diving into systems of linear equations and solving for intersections between lines.
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