7th & 8th Grade Language Arts

by Liz
In Cherríe Moraga’s poem “The Welder,” she compares her work of creation to that of a welder, who needs tools, material, and oxygen. This winter in both grades, students will be writing their own works of fiction and shaping their own stories.

In 7th grade, after reading Moraga’s poem and reading work set in and by authors of the Western United States, students will create stories set in the PNW. They will be exploring one of our essential questions: Whose stories need to be told? In the 8th grade, students will be reading Binti by Nnedi Okorafor and writing their own pieces of science fiction. They will be addressing one of our essential questions: How do speculative fiction genres help us envision a more equitable future?

Writing fiction is an activity just as rigorous and challenging as writing an essay, and it shapes some of the same skills: creating context for an audience; presenting a point of view; and bringing a subject to life with convincing detail. It can also be an exciting way to share what is most unique about our perspectives with others
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