X= 140 Cups of Coffee

by Kara

Math at SGS has been going strong! In 7th grade, students started their unit on Equality.  How can we interpret and manipulate statements of equivalence? We’re playing with blocks to help us write and re-interpret equations, re-discovering the relationships between addition/subtraction and multiplication/division, and more. Soon, we’ll use these skills and more to help us solve for unknown quantities- a huge stepping stone in Algebra.

In 8th grade, we’ve been deep in Mission Mode studying poison analysis. Candidates have been calculating lethal doses of common substances, given the body weight of the victim. For 50% of people weighing 125 pounds, it takes 140 cups of coffee in a single sitting to lethally overdose on caffeine- so not something you need to worry about any time soon.  We’ve made similar calculations with nicotine, sugar, and more. Our candidates will be ready to lead their team wherever their NASA mission takes them...

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