5th Grade Math Explorations

by Casey

In math this spring, a project 5th graders have been working on is building math portfolios! Students independently explored addition, subtraction, division, and multiplication of fractions and mixed number fractions. Through the portfolio building process, they were able to pick different ways to explore these operations through story problems, visual drawings, activities, and challenge problems. These problems also ranged in difficulty so students had the opportunity to challenge by choice, and build their fraction knowledge confidence! 

Reflecting on their learning each day, students filled out a tracker sheet where they could record what they liked, what was challenging, and any new learning about what they worked on. At the end of the week, students were able to celebrate their hard work and become the teachers themselves! To a small group of their peers, they presented one of the problems that they had worked on in their portfolio, and demonstrated the method that they used to solve it. 

It was amazing to see their confidence grow leading up to presentations, and to build and solidify their foundational knowledge for 6th grade!

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