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School Hours + Drop Off/Pick Up Info

School Hours + Drop Off/Pick Up Info

The school day runs from 8:30 AM-3:30 PM.

Students may be dropped off beginning at 7:00 AM. Students will go to E1 until they are dismissed to go to their ‘ers and classrooms at 8:15 AM.

Please drop your student off by 8:20 AM to assure they have enough time to go to their locker, etc. before class begins at 8:30 AM.

Pick up time is from 3:30-3:45 PM. 

If you are picking your student up anytime after 3:45 PM for any activity, please head to E1 where she will be paged by our After Care Coordinator. Monday-Thursday after school programs at SGS begin promptly at 3:45 PM and will run until 4:40 PM. These include:

  • Scholars’ Club
  • After Care
  • Rock Band
  • Math Café
  • All other clubs

All students still on campus Monday-Thursday 4:45-5:45 PM and Friday 3:45-5:00 PM will report to After Care in E1.

After Care Hours:

  • Monday-Thursay 3:45-5:45
  • Friday 3:45-5:00

After-School Club Sign Ups

After-School Club Sign Ups

After-School Club sign ups coming soon


Emergency Preparedness at SGS

What should families know about emergency preparedness at SGS?

Our greatest responsibility is keeping your girls safe—particularly in case of an emergency. At SGS, we drill for three types of emergency situations: fire, earthquake, and lock-down. We will review emergency procedures in our first Community Meeting of the year.

During the first two weeks of school, we will drill all of the following situations. The exact dates are TOP SECRET as the Fire Department will be reviewing our performance in the fire drill. If your daughter finds these types of drills upsetting, you may want to have pre and post conversations.

  • Fire and Earthquake – The school gathering spaces for fire and earthquake are Flo Ware Park (corner of Jackson and 28th) or Powell Barnett Park (corner of MLK and E. Jefferson) depending on the situation at hand. We always gather in Orientation or Advisory Groups; and given our small size, we are prepared for family reunification within minutes. Of course, we also have plans to stay with your girls as long as necessary. Having current pick-up permissions will insure that we can release your daughter promptly. We will never release any student without permission. The school has earthquake kits that would provide food and water for a few days, if needed.
  • Lockdown – The school drills for two types of lockdowns—yellow and red. A yellow lockdown is called when there is an incident of concern in the area. Students are called indoors and classes continue. We maintain yellow lockdown until informed by campus security and police that the situation has been resolved. A red lockdown would be called if there were an imminent danger to the campus itself. Students are immediately brought into classes and all internal doors are locked. Police would respond within minutes. When we drill, we will drill a red lockdown. Please help us reinforce the distinction between the two.

This is also a great time of the year to review and update your own emergency plans at home. To help you review your own procedures at home, to sync them with our school procedures, and to share the over-all plan with your daughter, take a look at this Planning Resource from the Red Cross. Given all the attention to earthquake readiness, SGS will be participating the The Great Washington Shakeout. We will send more information as that date approaches, but consider it an opportunity to fully simulate an earthquake both at school and at your workplace—and how you would get from there to here!

Ultimately, these drills, along with your own emergency plans, encourage the girls to live with the power of knowledge rather than fear. Of course, it is only natural that they raise some concerns, so let us know if anything is coming up for YOUR daughter.

How to Receive Emergency Messages on Your Phone:

Remember to register with Flashalert if you want emergency messages (including weather alerts) sent directly to your phone.

Important Phone Numbers

Important Phone Numbers

Main School Line: (206) 709-2228

Attendance Line (before 8 AM): (206) 805-6500

Aftercare Line: (206) 805-6555

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