Rise Up – The Campaign for Seattle Girls’ School


“We are introducing to society at large, a cohort of young women who will play a lead role in addressing some of our community’s big challenges. They will be champions of change.”

-Karen Lane, Co-Founder


SGS is a place where innovation abounds. This spirit of innovation is built into our mission and is rooted in all programmatic decisions based on how middle school girls grow and learn.

For 18 years, SGS has been educating middle school girls in several cramped, well-worn, modular buildings in Seattle’s Central District. Though these beloved spaces are remembered fondly by many former students and families, they are not sustainable from a programmatic and financial perspective. We have outgrown our campus, and it is no longer ideal for the kind of educational experience our students need and deserve. Compounding the issue, in 2021 we will need to decide whether or not to renew our lease for another 10 years. It’s clear that now is the time for SGS to build a permanent school home—one that will be a place of dynamic learning and leadership for middle school girls in our community for generations to come.


SGS has always relied on strong community support to achieve its mission and fulfill its promise. In fact, we think of ourselves as a community school, rather than an independent school. Because SGS is a fairly young school (less than 20 years old), our alumni base is not in a position to make major gifts. Today, more than ever, SGS needs the support of our full community to achieve our ambitious $12 million goal and ensure our mission thrives far into the future. Please join us as we rise up to build a new school and empower girls for generations to come. We all benefit when girls rise up.

090418 Massing Perspectives and Context_Scheme 2 Phase 3

Our architects have designed a Master Plan for the new SGS campus that is flexible enough to allow for future phases of construction, when SGS has the resources to expand further.

The $12 million Rise Up Campaign will fund Phase One of our campus plan.

Phase One:

  • 15,000 square feet of learning space
  • 7 classrooms, holding up to 140 students
  • Flexible administrative offices to support all school programs
  • A large community space for theater performances, art displays, community gatherings, and celebrations.

Phase Two:

  • A new 6,000 square foot gym for SGS’s athletic program to grow and expand

Phase Three:

  • Additional program space to allow for expanded enrollment up to 240 students

Official Rise Up website coming soon!