Welcome to Seattle Girls’ School!

During middle school, every interaction your daughter has during the course of her day shapes her future. Our alumnae, when reflecting on their educational experience as a whole, often attribute who they become and what they achieve to the transformative experiences they had at SGS – their middle school!

Founded over a decade ago by several Seattle families who wanted an exceptional school for their daughter, SGS has innovation built into its mission. That innovation is rooted in making all programmatic decisions on how girls thrive. We have always believed that the ultimate outcome of an SGS education is an academically capable and confident young woman. Ultimately, we seek to …

… inspire and develop courageous leaders who think independently, work collaboratively, learn joyfully, and champion change.

Our mission is our promise, and it is readily apparent in our hallways and our classrooms every day. Visitors to our campus often remark how unusually poised and stunningly confident SGS girls are. SGS makes certain that every member of our diverse student body gains mastery of core competencies essential for success in high school and well beyond.

An SGS student takes full ownership of her own education; she learns to stand out, stand up, and stand together with her SGS sisters. She is always glad to have the opportunity to talk to prospective students and parents about what makes her school a place for being both scholarly and joyful. I invite you to visit our campus, to get to know our community, and to see for yourself all that can be possible at Seattle Girls’ School.

All my best,
Brenda Leaks
Head of School