Why Middle Only?

Why is SGS a middle-only school? Middle school needs to be so much more than a “junior high”, or a stepping stone on the way to the “right” high school. At the end of your daughter’s middle school experience, she will not be the same person she is today. Every family is likely to revisit their school options in eighth grade because of how much their daughter will grow and change over the course of these critical school years.

We embrace the potential of this stage of her life by framing her learning around things that are incredibly important for a middle schooler, like identity development and empowerment for leadership – not just for the future, but for now. This age group is seldom respected as the capable learners and change-makers they can be. With our expertise in how middle school girls learn and develop, we work with their strong sense of what is just and right in the world to help them advocate for themselves and others. Choosing a school that’s just right for your daughter at THIS stage in her life is extremely important. As a school focused only on middle schoolers, our entire curriculum is developed to support the learning and development of a middle school girl.