7th & 8th Grade Science

by Steph
Science is all about questioning, exploring, and trying to make sense out of this miraculous world around us! The 7th and 8th graders spent the first six weeks of school learning how to develop an investigative question, formulate a hypothesis, identify variables, write procedures, collect data and write a conclusion with a claim, evidence (data) and reasoning.  They did all that by conducting a multitude of fun experiments using eggs and vinegar, Mentos and soda, Craisins and carbonated water, etc. (not all together :)).  Ask them about their experiments!  In 7th grade, we began to use this vital foundational knowledge by testing the properties of water molecules. In 8th grade, we are using our experimental knowledge to test different forces, motion and the application of Newton’s Laws.  We are going to have a blast this year, igniting all our their curious minds and imaginations!
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