Co-Curricular Programs

Our co-curricular programs are an essential part of SGS. They support and amplify what happens in the classroom.
Advisory Groups

The SGS Advisory Program places an emphasis on supporting students academically, socially, and emotionally. Advisory Groups, composed of an adult advisor and students from a single grade, meet twice per week. Each student's advisor also acts as their advocate, offering advice and support, and communicates purposefully with families, fellow teachers, and with our Dean of Student Life. Advisors facilitate Learning Team Meetings in the fall and spring.

Affinity and Alliance Groups

SGS students have the option of participating in school-based affinity groups to explore their ethnic, cultural, or sexual identity with the support of peers, faculty, and staff. Affinity and Alliance Groups meet monthly during school hours.

After-School Programs

After-school programs include Scholar’s Club and After Care. Other programs have included Rock Band, Math Club, Robotics, IMPUHWE, and Yearbook.

Ambassador Program

This program is for students who want to support the school at various admissions events. Interested students go through a thorough application and training process and must commit to volunteering at several admissions events.

Contact Us

Miryam Harvey
Dean of Student Life
Mentor Program

The goal of the Mentor Program is to make our students “strong from the inside out” by building a village around each girl. The unique experiences and insights that each student gains by having a mentor enhances her education at SGS and becomes a rewarding growth experience for the mentor as well. If you’re interested in becoming a mentor, visit our mentor page.

Student-Interest Groups

SIGS are created by students seeking an outlet for specific activities or interests. Led with the help of a faculty advisor, past SIGs have included Art SIG, Writers SIG, and Garden SIG, and Computer Skills SIG, and IMPUHWE.

Student Council

Student Council plans and leads student activities such as dances, talent shows, fundraisers, and spirit week. While the elected officers are all 7th graders learning to lead both older and younger students, each advisory group elects its own representatives, and all students are welcome to attend meetings.

Wednesday Workshops

We offer a range of classes in partnership with Coyote Central including drama, photography, chess, hip-hop dance, drill team, journalism, choir, graphic design, welding, robotics, woodworking, and cooking. If you or someone you know would be interested in leading a workshop, please contact April Lorenzo at
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