Tuition & Tuition Assistance

Need-Based Tuition Assistance

We recognize that the cost of a Seattle Girls’ School education is a factor for every family regardless of income level. We also believe that each family bears the primary responsibility for financing their child’s education to the extent to which they are able. To help families with the cost of this education we offer need-based Tuition Assistance. Grants are based on need, available funds, and number of applicants applying.

Tuition Assistance Application Process

All families applying for Tuition Assistance, both new and returning, must input their financial information into the Blackbaud platform each year. You will be requested to input a school code; the Seattle Girls’ School code is BBFAM ID: 12723. The application fee is $55; based on your income level you may qualify for a waiver.

If you have any technical difficulties with Blackbaud, please utilize their customer service chat feature on the website. In the event you have a specific question related to your family contact the SGS Business Office.

Required documents to be uploaded:
  • 2023 income documents. This includes W-2s, unemployment statements, and Social Security income statements.
  • 2022 IRS Form 1040 and all schedules.
  • 2023 tax returns if available
January 24, 2024 – Returning families Tuition Assistance Applications due

February 9, 2024 – New families Tuition Assistance Applications due

Contact Us

Please email the Business Office if you have any questions related to Tuition Assistance.

Mike Akiyama
Director of Business Operations

Tuition & Fees

Tuition for the 2024-2025 school year is $37,960.

We offer payment plans which allow families to spread tuition payments over the year.

Tuition includes the following:
  • 1-to-1 Laptop Program
  • After school clubs
  • Affinity + Alliance Groups
  • Mentor Program
  • Morning Care and After Care
  • Scholars Club
  • School field trips and overnight trips
  • Seattle Girls’ School Family Association (SFA) membership
  • Yearbook
Fees and Expenses not covered by the cost of tuition include the following, although financial aid may be available:
  • After school athletics
  • Trips outside the school calendar, such as the Washington DC trip. These trips are optional and occur during mid-winter and spring break. These trips are offered in partnership with third parties, who offer scholarships that SGS students can apply for.

Tuition FAQ’s

List of 8 items.

  • Are Tuition Assistance (TA) grants based on need, merit or both?

     SGS only offers need-based TA.
  • Does applying for TA affect my student’s chances of being accepted to SGS?

    The admission and the tuition assistance processes run parallel to one another, meaning as we are reading applications the Enrollment Office is simply looking at the student’s profile and how they might fit and thrive at SGS. Simultaneously, the Business Office is managing TA applications and assisting families in that process. Prior to decisions being made these related aspects of the admission process meet to determine which applicants that are admissible have also applied for TA, and then the SGS Leadership Team will work to meet the needs of the families.

    *Note if a family has demonstrated financial need, we would only admit them if we could meet that need.
  • Does SGS offer any TA grants which cover the full tuition?

    Yes, if we determine that a family cannot afford to contribute towards the tuition, we would be willing to offer a full award.
  • Does TA need to be paid back?

    No, it does not need to be paid back.
  • Will TA cover extra costs, such as sports and clubs?

    TA only covers tuition costs, although if your student elects to participate in co-curricular activities that are charging a fee, there will be a discount applied if you are receiving TA.
  • If I am offered TA for my student’s first year at SGS, does that guarantee that we will receive TA every year?

    SGS requires that all families reapply for TA every year, and it is not guaranteed. However, if your family’s income or assets have not increased significantly from year to year, you would definitely receive a TA award in line with the previous year. Even if your income has increased significantly, you may still be eligible to receive a smaller award.
  • We have had a change in our family circumstances during the pandemic, which has impacted our current financial situation. Can we apply for TA?

    Yes. If your financial circumstances have changed, you may be considered to be eligible for a TA grant, even if it is temporary. We will also be willing to consider an application for TA part-way through a school year in such circumstances. We recognize that every family’s situation is unique, and we’ll do all we can to support our families through difficult periods throughout their time at SGS.
  • We have a non-traditional family – how do we approach the application?

    All parents/guardians will need to complete the application – including spouses of each parent if applicable. We require this information because we strive to build up a picture of the student’s financial picture as a whole, income and expenses alike, in order to level the playing field for all families applying for Tuition Assistance. If we do offer an award, it will be a single award for the student, not for either parent in particular. If one of the parents is not in the picture (not in contact with the student), we are willing to make an exception.

    You have our assurance that we would never share any personal information, financial or otherwise, that is provided to us through the application platform.
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