Student Life

Serving the Whole Student

At SGS, we center adolescent development in all that we do, and this includes Social Emotional Learning. We guide students through the different phases of their development with the goal of supporting their independence and self-advocacy as well as understanding of healthy relationships and boundaries.

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  • Learning Support

    At SGS, we have a learning specialist who focuses on reviewing and supporting students who come into SGS with an IEP, 504, or learning plan from another school. Our Student Support Team (comprised of the learning specialist, student support specialist, dean of students, and assistant head of school) tries to meet with families that have documented learning plans during the summer before the student starts at SGS. This helps us understand a student’s strengths, needs, and areas of support; from this meeting, we create learning plans for students while they are at SGS. 
  • Academic Supports

    •    Work Lab - Weekly time for students to work on assignments and get one-on-one help and support from teachers
    •    Scholar’s Club - Hour-long session Monday-Thursday after school for schoolwork, supported by a faculty member
    •    Math Café - Math teachers at each grade level offer weekly after-school support for students who need extra review or additional challenge
  • What sort of accommodations in the classroom can SGS support?

    Many accommodations frequently found in learning plans are actually embedded into the way teachers teach and students learn in classrooms at SGS. Students have access to technology based accommodations through their laptops. Classes often incorporate movement, manipulatives, and information is provided visually and auditorily. The student support team works with teachers to review learning plans and implement accommodations. In addition to this, the student support team offers occasional “push in” services to support students in certain classes when needed. However, students who need consistent one-on-one support will struggle to be supported at SGS. If students qualify for tutoring through the Se-attle Public School system, students receive that tutoring during the school day. This qualification is determined by the school district.

Student Support Team

Miryam Harvey
Dean of Students
Ariel Lantz
Student Support Specialist
Maddie Scharnitzke
Learning Support Specialist
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