5th Grade Art

by Ani
5th graders are in the art room this spring! So far this term students have introduced themselves to me with a name project where they created a piece of art with their name and symbols sharing things about who they are.  I love this project because it gives me a chance to learn a little more about who they are as people and as artists.  Other projects this term include weaving, painting, and a surprise fun project later this spring. 

As we move along in our projects this term, my main goal is to introduce different materials and ways of creating to the 5th grade students and allow them to practice in ways that make sense for their style.  We then talk about what choices they made, what went well in a project, and what was hard about a project. This type of reflection helps students grow as artists and be able to state the artistic choices they made in each project. 

I look forward to continuing to get to know the 5th grade artists as we try new materials and projects. 

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