8th Grade Art Show: Realizing A Vision

Ani Orantes-Seijo, Visual Arts Teacher
This week we congratulate the 8th graders on an amazing opening of their art show called, Realizing a Vision 2024.  During the Winter term, 8th graders were given the opportunity to work on an independent study for the entire winter term.  After several years of building foundational art skills, and learning about a wide range of artistry through more structured projects, students were given the freedom to develop their own body of work that was then displayed at the Vera Project Art Gallery.
Students were encouraged to dream big, take risks, and create unique works they felt personally connected to. The diversity of subjects and materials that students used just highlighted the diversity of thought in our student community. My favorite part of this project was that I got to say YES! to so many interesting projects. 

During this culmination, students were asked to stand by their work so that their fans could ask them about their work. I saw students confidently answer questions about the processes they used, discuss the meaning behind their work, talk about things they liked or didn’t like about the materials they used. 

In addition to the work on hand, people could scan a QR code next to each student's work to read an artist statement. The artist statement that students wrote provided insight into each student's feelings about art, why they think it is important to society, as well as details about the work on display. 

If you would like to see art work from the show and read more about what the talented artists at SGS are thinking about, go to: 8th Grade Art Show: Realizing A Vision

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