6th Grade Bike Trip

by Ariel

Sixth grade just finished their trip to Lopez Island where they camped at Spencer Spit and visited farms on Lopez Island.  What a culmination to the end of the school year!  Students challenged themselves physically, supported each other during the rides, and put together all the skills they learned throughout the Spring term to work collaboratively and cook, pitch tents, and learn about Lopez Island.

Students have been riding every Monday afternoon for the past couple months. Some of those rides included locations as far as El Centro Dela Raza, Jose Rizal Bridge, I-90 bridge, incorporating the different neighborhoods for terrain training and also making stops where students explained some of the landmarks and importance with a mini history lesson as it pertains to each spot.  Students rode to Lake Washington on the final big ride the Monday before camp. It was the farthest ride they had done and included some big downhills and uphills. Students  worked together to ride as a whole group, practiced passing messages down the line, and cheered each other on throughout the ride. 

At Lopez this week, the students used all the skills they had been learning and practicing over the past few weeks. They rose to each challenge while supporting each other and overall, it was a very fun, smooth trip! 
Here are some trip highlights from students:

“It was a long trip, but I liked my pod teammates and I had a lot of fun. I liked seeing all the animals we passed.” - Karizma 

“I enjoyed Chickadee Farm because it was really pretty. There were a lot of flowers. The people who own the farm made us cake and it was really good.” - Violet 

“Megan’s farm was really fun. We got to play games and rest after biking a lot.” - Emily 

“Something I learned from the perspective of being at the top of a big down hill and seeing another uphill ahead is don’t get yourself stuck thinking about a big problem ahead of you. Hills look bigger, but once you are on them it feels easier.”  - Mae

“I really liked free time because we got to hang out with friends. It was a nice break from biking and it was a good time to relax and do what we want.” - Aleeza 

“There were good food options for people who had different allergies. Free time was fun. There was a lot of thought that went into the tent groups and we all got some people we wanted. Walking on the beach was really nice. The ride back to the ferry was a highlight.”  - Mr. Cody’s Advisory

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