Living in Community – What About the Adults?

Living in Community – What About the Adults?

To our Parents and Guardians:

I have been blessed this year with a great beginning to the school year as well as some time to reflect. My partnership with Barbara, our new Assistant Head, has energized my leadership in terms of both action and careful thought. One item that has been on my mind lately, as we head right into our first round of Learning Team Meetings, is … YOU! … parents and guardians!

What are YOUR perceptions of our community? We are fortunate to have so many family advocates, but sometimes a school can overlook a key partnership. You are the best ally we can have in your daughter’s education. You know her best, and we are the experts in guiding you through these critical middle years.

One of the issues that can come between many families and their schools are our own experiences growing up. Despite decades of “reform”, our schools as a whole have virtually remained the same for the past 100 years. So given that we adults may sometimes be looking through some pretty old “lenses”, here are some things to think about:

We need to be attentive to making sure you know where to go – for information as well as physically in the building. I hope that Back to School Night provided a birds-eye view. We are fortunate to have a full village asking the question, “are we providing top-notch customer service for all members of the learning team?”

We remain committed to our annual family survey that has now provided data for over five years. By asking you what we are good at and what we could be better at we can begin to change our school culture, for the better!

We hope that more of you will become involved in the Community Association of Parents (CAP); and I look forward to partnering with the Board to raise their profile as trustees of our mission and vision. So, consider this your official invitation to “lean in” to our adult community. If you still have questions after Back to School Night and Learning Team Meetings (LTMs), please don’t hesitate to contact me or Barbara so that we can help solidify your place as a valued member of your daughter’s Learning Team.


Special Announcement About Pick-Up Time:

With an intention to create a more comfortable place for pick-up, the impact may have been a less welcoming message. We will be extending our office hours at the front desk to 4 PM for folks who need to drop off forms or have an inquiry that we can help you with. We hope many of you will continue to enjoy the sunshine outside, but seek shelter from the inevitable storm inside E1 as early as 3:15 PM. Pick-up time provides a great opportunity for school leadership to interface with families. So, yes, all roads lead to E1! We are in the process of completing a project that will link E1 to the main campus from the rear so students can get there more efficiently.


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