SGS April Round-Up

The April Happenings around SGS

We’re back—face to face!

April was an eventful month at Seattle Girls School! We have steadily transitioned  back to in-person learning and our students are thrilled to be back together again on campus. After almost a year of virtual classes, it’s a breath of fresh air.

7th grader Wenorah P. said, “In-person school is so much fun. This week on Wednesday, we had science class, and we all got to build a robot solar-powered car. It was amazing how the cars worked, and I enjoyed working together with my partner.” 

Breaking ground on our new home

In other exciting news, on April 22nd we held a virtual groundbreaking ceremony where students, staff, and other community members came together to celebrate the successful completion of Phase I of the SGS Rise Up campaign! Reaching this goal of $9.5 million wouldn’t have been possible without the generous support of our donors and the tireless efforts from our school leadership and campaign coordinators.

From left to right: Erika Vranizan ’04, Board Chair Sarah Ewart, Amelia A. ’23, and Head of School Brenda Leaks break ground at SGS’s new home in March of 2021.

A special shoutout is in order to Alum Erika Vranizan, Board Chair Sarah Ewart, student Amelia A. Class of ’23, and Head of School Brenda Leaks for leading the charge and breaking ground on our new property in the Central District! They were excellent representatives for the hundreds of other students, supporters, and staff that have made this feat possible.

6th Grade Biking Curriculum

SGS 6th graders went on their biking adventure which was a great opportunity for our students to gather safely outside for one of the school’s oldest traditions!

“My highlight this week is when we were biking and had to go up this big hill, it was really fun cheering people on and having fun with classmates.” – Lily G., 6th Grade


While regular classes have transitioned to hybrid learning, SGS still hosted a pair of well-attended virtual events this month, including the 6th grade culmination of learning: the Medical Board Exam!

Each spring, Seattle Girls’ School sixth graders put on their scrubs and become doctors for the day for the “Sum of My Parts” Medical Board Exams. To read more about students’ experience with Sum of My Parts, check out our blog!

Faculty Spotlight

We launched new bonus content this month on our blog: our very first Faculty Profile! Science/tech teacher Marcele Augustine shared her experience as an educator at SGS and across the country. We can’t wait to feature more of our amazing teachers!

Want to get involved in STEAM?

Last, but certainly not least: Registration for our 2021 STEAM camp is open! This year our camp will be held in-person with the necessary COVID-19 precautions in place. Interested in signing up or learning more? Visit for more!


Curious about what else our students have been up to? Here is a highlight of student voices throughout the month:

“This week in 7th grade we learned about and took photos with cameras in PMA. We also started new workshops.” – Tatum R.

“In 8th grade we are learning about parabolas. We just learned about how to figure out what a parabola will look like on a graph just by looking at the equation.” – Aiah M.

“I am glad that we started literature circles because I really like the book! It’s a poem in the form of a novel.” -Kadyn H. 5th grade

“My weekly highlight is doing my LTM. I had fun doing it and I felt that I did well presenting!” – Ceci R., 6th Grade

“My weekly highlight is doing sex ed in A&W. I’m glad that we’re talking about it.” – Katie K., 6th Grade

“I have really been enjoying humanities because I love poems and rhyming.” Lucy B., 6th Grade

“One highlight during my week was going through a simulation in Spanish Class. I enjoyed learning about the different kinds of things sold at markets and pretending to be the vendor.” – Zella D., 7th Grade

“I had a lot of fun with my group in PMA this week. We created an elaborate plot for our movie and thought up different characters. We also learned about different shots and how to use them to tell a story.” – Helen F., 8th Grade

Stay tuned for next month’s May roundup!

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