Pasta Towers + Group Roles

This week in 6th grade math and science, students have been getting their hands dirty! To introduce and practice new group roles, students were given a team challenge--to build the tallest and sturdiest tower with dried pasta and marshmallows. They were given 20 minutes to work on the task. Every 5 minutes students were paused, asked to re-read their group role and reflect on how they are supporting the group, and then start again. The purpose of group roles is to ensure all members of the group feel heard, valued, and that they are a part of the team. The roles are:

Team Captain: Manage time, ensure the group is using time efficiently, and keep folks focused on the challenge. 
Facilitator: Engage all team members in the conversation, monitor airtime, ask questions to keep the group moving forward, keep the group together. 
Resource Manager: Ensure the group has needed supplies, keeps the work space organized, and makes sure each group member has what they need.
Recorder/Reporter: Recording notes for the team or ensuring everyone has written down what they need to. Sharing out for their group during class debriefs. 

Following this team challenge - and the epic clean up - students embarked on their first homework discussion. Their task was to review their homework results together. Not just checking answers - asking how, why, what strategies, and more so they can learn from their classmates and more deeply understand the current math concepts. Students were leaning in, asking inquisitive questions, and supporting their math community. 

Other fun projects from this past week: The Who We Are Study poster project in math and Brain Hats in Science! What’s next? Sheep Brain Dissections!
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