Spanish Routines

by Profe
7th and 8th graders have successfully completed three units of Spanish so far this year. In our first unit, students learned more about how and why we use immersion to learn Spanish in action. They looked at the American Council of the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL) Proficiency Levels, discussed what specific actions they can take to move up a proficiency level, and set goals related to how they might be able to take steps to building their proficiency in Spanish.

7th and 8th graders have also engaged in simulations. In 7th grade, students made up fictional characters and took turns introducing themselves and asking questions about their classmates to continue to build their abilities to have short, introductory conversations. 8th graders recently graduated from Profe’s medical school where they dramatically expressed symptoms of illness and gave recommended treatments. 

In the coming unit for 7th grade, students will learn how to talk about their daily routines, beginning with the subjects they take at school. They will also explore some schedules from Spanish-speaking countries and compare what some schools are like in the Spanish-speaking world. 8th graders will learn more about popular sports and athletes from the Spanish-speaking world and will work with the present progressive to express what sports and activities are being done in the present moment.
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