Form and Function

by Kara
7th and 8th grade Mathematicians continue to inspire and impress. In 7th grade, students just finished learning and applying the Pythagorean Theorem. Through a series of independent investigations, they used their knowledge of this theorem to derive the distance and midpoint formulas on their own! This week, they started the biggest unit of the year: Linear Equations. They began by examining proportional relationships in tables, graphs, and equations. How can we represent a direct relationship in varied forms?

8th graders are wrapping up their largest unit of the year: Quadratic Functions. After learning about the three main forms of quadratics, students have been practicing how to translate between them. They are currently practicing factoring quadratics and other polynomials from standard form. How many ways can we visualize and understand the process of factoring? How can we apply our factoring techniques in a variety of settings? In addition to their mathematical learning, our 8th graders are preparing for their next step into High School by practicing their note-taking skills in 10-15 minute lectures.
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