RRR^2 in 6th Grade

by Shannon

6th Grade Math: 
6th graders started a new unit on Ratios, Rates, and Proportions. This week, in order to practice finding the relationship between distance and time, we created balloon cars and ran speed trials. Students ran alongside their moving balloon car, marking the ground at each second. Students then measured the distance between each mark. With this information they found the rate it was moving each second and the average rate of each trial. 
6th Grade Science
6th Grade scientists are investigating the history and ethics of animal research. They are learning about the three R's - Reduction, Replacement, and Refinement along with factual information about what animals are used during most scientific research and how. They are hearing perspectives from all across the spectrum of agreement and disagreement. In parallel with this study of animal research, students are observing planaria or flat worms. They will be conducting low impact experiments to practice designing and executing procedures along with analyzing data and drawing conclusions. 
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