7th & 8th Grade Math

by Kara
Math Class this year has been moving right along! We’ve worked through escape rooms, played games, tinkered with manipulatives, and have thoroughly enjoyed our time with the Algebra 1 curriculum.

In 7th grade, students are solidifying their understanding of the basic operations. How do we add and multiply when there are unknown values involved? How do we deal with negatives and subtraction- or even both? It’s been helpful to use physical representations of variables to help us grasp what a variable actually is. Algebra Tiles have helped us understand what a ‘like term’ even is, or how multiplication is really just finding an area. We’ve also used various drawings and ‘generic rectangles’ to help us.

In 8th grade, students start out the year with exponents. Our investigation began on a number line- this time, though, our line multiplied between numbers instead of adding. After justifying the existence of negative exponents, we’ve investigated each of the exponent rules and practiced our note-taking skills after noticing and justifying each pattern. This year, we’ve also bountiful ‘studio time,’ where students work at the board in groups of three. They get to pick their problem, their approach, and their pace- as long as they’re collaborating and conferring with each step! Seeing the students debate, learn from each other, and become more effective STEM communicators is a delight.

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