6th Grade Humanities

by Cody
Daily warmup:
  • In sixth grade humanities we often begin class with a reflective practice called 10-Breaths. Based on SkySchools community work, students collectively take ten intentional breaths and tune into where their attention goes. Students practice noticing physical sensations, thoughts, and emotions; in an effort to normalize the waves of feelings that pass through us each day. Students keep 10-Breaths journals to reflect, track emotional data, and to practice sharing how they’re doing with each other. 
Avatar Project: 
  • Collaborative projects are a cornerstone of learning at SGS. Throughout the Fall and early portions of Winter term 6th graders are engrossed in what we call “The Avatar Project.” Rooted in Afrofuturism, Indigenous Futurism, and storytelling; students build avatar masks that weave together personal values and identities. In Performance and Media Arts, students add depth and complexity to their avatar’s story, learning about Black, Indigenous, and Trans narratives and the genres of AfroFuturism and Indigenous Futurism. “And in Humanities, we learn how to tell a story which weaves personal narrative and science-fiction genres into one. 
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