by Profe
7th and 8th graders are back into the swing of Spanish class! Within the different units they are working on, students are working hard on building their proficiency levels by communicating through challenges in Spanish and adding details to their responses to questions.

7th graders are learning how to talk about their daily routines and expressing how often they do certain activities with frequency adverbs (sometimes, always, never, etc.). Because going to school is something these students do each day, they are also practicing vocabulary related to school. They recently played a guessing game where they gave a series of clues about what they do in a certain class and how often they do it so that their classmates could guess which class they were describing. Next, students will learn how to tell the time and say what time activities happen and what time it currently is. 

In 8th grade Spanish, students are continuing their medical training from 6th grade and are learning how to express symptoms of illness and recommend treatments. We discussed home remedies for small ailments and many students shared about special soups, teas, and foods their families prepare for them when they are not feeling well. Students read articles about medical properties of different plants, herbs, and teas that are traditional remedies in the Spanish-speaking world. In the coming weeks, we will wrap up this unit with a doctor’s visit simulation where students will engage with each other and role play as both doctors and patients.
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