Toy Study and Comic-Con Culmination

by Casey
This week, 5th graders celebrated the end of winter term with their Toy Study and Comic-Con Culmination! 

For the Toy Study, students were able to display multiple pieces of work from humanities class. This included a persuasive essay about gender bias in toys, or the environmental impact that toys have on our world. Through the writing process, they explored thesis writing, source evaluation, evidence analysis, and so much more! They also became expert toy designers, researching the aspects that go into the process of making a toy. With this, students were able to either design their own toy or make a new and improved version of an existing toy, keeping in mind bias and environmental impact. 

Comic-Con, a multi-subject culmination included elements from Performance and Media Arts, Technology, Music, and Adventure and Wellness. Students shared super-people that they created, complete with an LED circuit accessory, power pose, speech, and backstory based on the hero’s journey. These super-people had new developed stories based on the student’s values and beliefs, and demonstrated what it looks like to stand up for themselves and others in the world!

Students did an excellent job displaying and explaining their work to the community! They were prepared to answer questions about their tri-fold presentations, and gave a speech in character about how they’re changing the world. It was so powerful to see them all step-in to their courage zones, and support each other. 

Thanks to all who came out and supported the 5th grade community for their first culmination of their SGS career!

Located in the Central District, Seattle Girls' School is an independent school for girls and gender nonconforming students in grades 5-8. Our mission is to inspire and develop courageous leaders who think independently, work collaboratively, learn joyfully, and champion change.