Postcards from Alums: Meet Caroline!

In this edition of "Postcards from Alums," we're reconnecting with Caroline C., class of 2021, delving into their current endeavors and reflecting on the role SGS continues to play in their lives.
Hi, Caroline! What're you up to these days? 

I'm currently spending my junior year abroad in Zaragoza, Spain. I attend School Year Abroad with around 60 other American students and live with a host family. My favorite part of this year so far has been the many travel opportunities. I've had the chance to travel around Spain with my school, host family, and independently with friends from school. So far, I've visited Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Jaca, Vitoria, Bilbao, San Sebastian, and Toledo. I take six classes, four of which are taught in Spanish, including art history, environmental science, experiential Spanish, and a traditional Spanish class. I also take English and precalculus. Outside of school, I play tennis at a local center with Spanish players, have taken Spanish cooking classes, and take guitar lessons. 

What's your favorite memory of SGS?

My favorite memory is 7th-grade mock trial and social studies with Wendy. Along with all my teachers, she especially taught me the importance of understanding perspective in history and the power of using your voice to create positive change. 

Is there anything in your life now that you can connect back to SGS?

I remember learning about Pablo Picasso and the "Guernica" painting in 8th-grade Spanish class with Profe and ever since I wanted to see the painting and finally got to see it during winter break at El Reina Sofia Museum in Madrid. 

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