Postcards from Alums: Meet Hannah!

In this edition of "Postcards from Alums," we're reconnecting with Hannah S., class of 2019, delving into their current endeavors and reflecting on the role SGS continues to play in their lives.
Hi, Hannah! Can you share a little about what you're up to now?

I'm a freshman at Yale, planning to major in Statistics & Data Science and Humanities. I am enrolled in the Directed Studies program at Yale, which offers a select group of first-year students an intense interdisciplinary introduction to some of the seminal texts of Western and Near Eastern cultures. Working in discussion seminars with top Yale faculty, DS students learn to analyze complex texts and to put them into conversation with one another across time and genre. DS helps students develop their abilities to engage in thoughtful discussions of fundamental social, political, philosophical, and cultural questions, and through frequent feedback from faculty and dedicated DS writing tutors, to write clear and persuasive analytic essays. Essentially, it's an intensive program where I get to participate in seminars with a small group of first-years admitted to the program and distinguished professors at Yale, exploring the Western canon in literature, historical and political thinking, and philosophy. 

Wow! That's amazing. Can you share a skill, or skills, that you attained at SGS and how you apply them now?

I apply many of the critical thinking skills that I developed at SGS, especially in Wendy's class, at Yale, -- learning how to critically read and annotate effectively. Additionally, I have utilized the interdisciplinary approaches encouraged through STEAM and the big culminations at SGS.

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