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SGS STEAM MISSION is to inspire and develop future female innovators with challenging, integrated curriculum that embraces the joyful aspect of play and discovery.

We are a STEAM School

We are a STEAM school (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math), and we believe every middle school, especially a girls’ school, should be a STEAM school.

Women are underrepresented in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) fields, and it has nothing to do with their intelligence. It starts in childhood. From the toy store to the media, girls are constantly indoctrinated with messages that say science, technology, engineering, and math are for boys. Girls become dissuaded early on, and, even if their interest remains, data shows they are still not choosing to pursue those areas of study. We need to empower girls and women to step into these roles.

Why is there an “A” in STEM?

Seattle Girls’ School has developed a unique STEM curriculum for middle-school girls, with the addition of the arts, that addresses these problems. We know that girls develop spatial abilities differently than males and have found that by bringing the arts (areas with high female representation) into STEM initiatives, we begin to foster that connection for girls. The mission of our STEAM program is to inspire and develop future female innovators with a challenging, integrated curriculum that embraces the joyful aspect of play and discovery.

Our STEAM Curriculum:

Being a STEAM school means that STEAM is integrated into the curriculum, across grade levels, throughout the year. In addition to the regular, on-going STEAM integration, our approach includes:

STEAM Surge – The annual STEAM Surge immerses all SGS girls in projects like programming, robotics, and building hydraulic arms. During this time, the girls gain access to women in the field, showing our students that they, too, can pursue careers in engineering, science, programming, etc. Hands-on projects challenge students to think critically and allow for multiple outcomes to a single problem. The program also highlights the collaborative nature of real-world innovation – all of which are essential skills for success.

STEAM Camp – We know we need to reach girls at a younger and younger age to prevent them from losing confidence before competence in STEM fields. Thus, we have created a week-long STEAM summer camp which serves 30 girls ages 8-11. Projects from our popular STEAM Surge are scaled down to serve the younger audience.

The Impact

The STEAM initiative has been wildly successful since its launch in 2012. There is high demand from students and parents alike to continue and broaden the program. After experiencing our STEAM programs, girls can visualize themselves as scientists, engineers, and software developers. They know that they, too, can enter their professional lives prepared to compete in nontraditional fields such as science, technology, engineering, and math. Our STEAM programs help shift the community expectation of girls, breaks stereotypes, and provides access for girls to enter STEM fields.

For a deeper look into our STEAM program, see our STEAM Blog at steam.seattlegirlsschool.org.


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