Spanish Update

by Profe


In 7th grade Spanish, students have been using family member vocabulary, adjectives, and the irregular verb ser to describe their family and important people in their lives. To learn more about impactful people in Central America, students read short bios about different folks who were both from Central America and the United states to learn more about their historic roles and impacts. From Rigoberta Menchú Tum to Jimmy Carter, students used what they learned and critical thinking to role play as the person they read about and interviewed each other. After a couple of rounds of learning, role-playing, and interviewing, students extracted information about the people they had role-played as to write descriptions about their people in Spanish.

Students will wrap up the year learning more about major figures from the Chicano Movement such as César Chávez, Dolores Huerta, and Sal Castro and about the different ways people came together to make change from the fields to the classroom.


In 8th grade Spanish, students have been learning how to talk about their plans for the near future with the structure ir + a + infinitive (to be going to do something). They have interviewed one another to talk more about their own future plans and learned more about cities in the Spanish-speaking world by looking at maps and imagining activities they will do when they visit. Students creatively used their vocabulary by saying they would eat flan in a gym, enjoy artwork in cultural centers, and swim in bodies of water. Students will research important holidays in the Spanish-speaking world by identifying a country, learning more about two important holidays in that country, and describing how they will celebrate or commemorate the day.

As 8th graders wrap up their Spanish careers at SGS, they will embark on their final project in which they will select a Spanish-speaking country to research and bring together what they have learned in Spanish at SGS. They will be able to share what they learn about the traditional foods, open air markets, activities, art galleries, and national parks while showcasing their Spanish skills!

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