Adventure + Wellness

by Hannah
A+W has been so much fun so far this term. In 7th and 8th grade we’ve primarily focused on connections and reconnections with one another as we form our new communities this year. Students have been playing hard, which is one of the main goals of A+W. We’ve had to refresh our memories (or learn for the first time) the warm up games that we play at the start of most classes (including Mushroom Tag and Darth Vader Dodgeball). Each class has also taken on some problem solving team challenges together. These have been a chance for them to work together, share ideas, strategize, and support one another and also notice when doing those things is hard. Each class has also nominated and voted for the physical activity or sport that they want to learn/practice for the rest of this term, which we’ll be starting soon. We’ll also be adding in more workouts to our class routine over the coming weeks. These are a chance for students to practice various movement patterns while they challenge and care for themselves. Modifications and substitutions for movements are always offered to accommodate for injuries or limitations. It is great to be back learning and playing together!

FYI: Sex Ed Info Night is Thursday Oct. 21st from 6:30p-7:30p on Zoom. Adults at home for all grades are welcome, especially families that are new to SGS. At this event we will discuss SGS’ Sex Ed Curriculum and allow me, Hannah, to introduce myself and my teaching philosophy. (The Sex Ed Info Night content is the same this year as it was in previous years.) Sex Ed in 7th and 8th Grade will begin towards the end of November.
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