Learning Team Meetings

Learning Team Meetings (LTMs) are coming up on Friday, 10/29, and Monday, 11/1. These meetings are led by the student and are a time for them to share what they’re proud of, what they’ve learned, and the challenges they are working through.  Over the next few weeks, students will be guided by their advisors to gather samples of their assignments to share and to reflect on their learning process, whether working independently or participating in group discussions and assignments.  Students also draft academic, organizational, social, emotional, leadership, and/or social justice goals, proposing their action plan and naming the supports they might need.

The meetings are 40 minutes in length.  The student-led portion is about 20 minutes, with the remaining time left for an adults-only discussion.  Some students have been preparing for LTMs for a number of years; many are doing this for the first time. It is normal for a student to be nervous during the LTM. Sometimes it’s tempting to interrupt the student with questions when they are presenting their work and reflection, but students generally do best when they are able to move through the flow of the meeting in the way they anticipated and rehearsed.  Students will leave time for questions and discussion during the meeting.  Advisors will also give a general overview of how your student is doing in all classes.  Learning Team Meetings provide a powerful opportunity for families to validate the student’s progress and discuss ways to collaboratively support the student as they progress through the school year.

There will be no classes on 10/29 and 11/1.  All Learning Team Meetings will take place over Zoom this fall.  Please sign up for a timeslot with your student’s advisor using this document.  Find the tab with your advisor’s name on the bottom of the spreadsheet and then put your student’s name on an available time slot.  If none of the times work for your family, please contact your student’s advisor via email.

Enjoy celebrating your student’s hard work during the Learning Team Meeting!
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