7th + 8th Grade Art Update

by Ani
Welcome back to the Studio! It has been so wonderful to have students back in the art room where we can spread out and be creative with each other. Each day that students are in the studio the space is alive with conversation, creativity and joy.  

In 7th grade, we are getting started on a printmaking exploration unit where we will be thinking about how we can use positive and negative space thoughtfully in our compositions.  Students will learn how to carve a relief block and how to print using various colors and materials.  We will also work with monoprints which is a variable technique and explore what happens when we combine the two different printing techniques.  (Spoiler alert - it’s awesome)

I am so excited to have the 8th graders back in the studio this year. This is the year that they finally get to do their independent study art piece. We started the term by doing a virtual art walk to find art and artists that inspired them. They are now working on their first big project of the year, The Point of Departure Project. This project has students respond to a piece of media or an experience that is meaningful to them and represent it through their art. With this project they will begin to hone in on what is important to them as artists. 
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