Our SGS Student Council: It’s Campaign Week!

by Wendy
Ten tenacious, authentic and enthusiastic 7th Grade students officially declared their candidacy Friday, October 22. They stepped into their courage zones to run for five positions on our Executive Student Council. The election coincides with our national election day, Tuesday, November 2nd! Only students vote in this election.

The way our SGS executive student council works, there are 5 positions of equal weight (instead of a president, vice president, secretary and treasurer). Within this flat hierarchy, students co-plan and co-facilitate meetings of the school-wide student council (with 2 representatives from every grade level, 5th through 8th). 

In an effort to ensure fairness and voter awareness across the student body, all candidates will observe clear guidelines (unlike the real world!).  Each received one poster board to display their main message(s), delivered a one-minute speech at our all-school community meeting and recorded a 30-second flipgrid video responding to the same two questions: How do you envision co-leading Student Council meetings? What’s one way you could impact our student community (all grades) at SGS for the better?

We find that each year, SGS students select individuals who lead with integrity, dedication, positivity and imagination. Our outgoing executives truly embodied these traits! Hats off to Arlo H., Cassie A, Eden R., Julia C. and Rosa S. who will pass along their wisdom to the incoming team.
Located in the Central District, Seattle Girls' School is an independent school for girls and gender nonconforming students in grades 5-8. Our mission is to inspire and develop courageous leaders who think independently, work collaboratively, learn joyfully, and champion change.