Mindfulness Moments

by Miryam
This year, we are intentionally starting our day together at school with a mindfulness moment. I lead “Ms. Miryam’s Mindfulness Moment” at the beginning of our community meetings. We use visuals to name emotions, use guided practice to model breathing and set intentions for the day. Other grades, like the 8th grade, have Mindfulness Thursdays with their students. Whether teacher-lead or student-lead, we are intentionally creating space to center ourselves before learning and modelling the importance for self-care. 

There are plenty of areas where we remind our community of the tools we need to reset our minds and bodies. Students and adults can choose to take a mindfulness break during the school day like using Ms. Lydia’s Brain Space, “the bubble space” in the 5th grade classroom, or reading the mindfulness boards in the hallways. 

We are teaching our students that emotions are part of life and we’d like them to find healthy ways to express and release them. It is incredible what making space for our emotions, observing them without judgement and simply breathing can do for the body and mind!

I invite you to ask your student what their favorite mindfulness exercise is or to pick something from this link to use at home.
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