5th Grade Celebration of Home

By: Willa and Ava (5th Grade Students) 

On Thursday evening, the 5th Grade class hosted an audience of family, friends, and SGS community members at our new permanent home. The 5th Grade students ran this culmination from start to finish and it included work, performances, and presentations from Art, Music, and Humanities. Inset: 5th graders give their land acknowledgement at last night's culmination.

What have we been learning in Humanities?

In Humanities we have learned about the Duwamish and Coast Salish peoples. We also have learned about land acknowledgements and we even made one as a class.. We now know more about who was on this land before us: this land is rightfully the Indigenous and Native peoples’ to live on.

What have we been learning in art?

The materials we used for our art pieces are acrylic paint, pens and pencils, and canvas. How we started on our project of Home: With pencil, we drew our idea on a piece of paper then transferred it onto the canvas. We started to paint in the outlines and then saw our paintings come to life.

What have we been learning in music?

The class has been working very hard to memorize Home, a song by Phillip Phillips. We have had times where we played Home in front of small groups like: the people at Horizon House and also during the time capsule. 
We have memorized songs (Home) by using a chunking strategy. The chunking strategy is where you learn one section at a time, then you plow through it (you play the whole song without stopping) 
Another strategy we have used is look and flip. We use this technique if the song is written out, or sometimes a video. The look and flip technique is to first play a section, then look away and try to play it again but without the chords in front of you.

Quotes from fifth graders:

Q. “How would you rate this culmination experience, 1-10?”

“8, it's been really fun, especially the art part. Also, I feel like it was a little last minute and because of that there was less information on that and not super clear, that's probably because this is the first Home culmination.” 
-Cilan D.

“9 ½ because it's easy, it's fun and it doesn't take too long, it's nice.” 
 -Elle M.
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