5th and 6th Grade Music

by Theo

We are having so much fun in Music this week! 5th and 6th graders have gotten really experienced with tuning their ukuleles and guitars and are working hard to keep a steady tempo while repeating a simple strum pattern and playing along with background music. This is great practice multitasking- it’s challenging to think about so many skills at once! In 5th grade, our first song is Lime in the Coconut, and in 6th grade we’re playing We Will Rock You. This is also great experience for practicing our teamwork skills, and students have been working together and supporting each other in the challenges they’ve faced learning new skills on their instruments. 

Students in both grades have begun taking home their instruments and are enjoying showing in class the skills they’ve practiced at home. Encourage your child to show you what they’re learning and play for friends and family.

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