Winter Intensives Wrap

A successful two weeks of intensives in our new building wrapped up this week. Yesterday, students from each intensive--Illuminations, Utopia Village, Sweet Science, Comics, and Filmmaking Bootcamp--showcased the final projects and products they had created. Of course, 7th graders also held their Mock Trial yesterday evening after weeks of intense preparation as prosecutors, defendants, and witnesses. Earlier that week, the shoutouts at community meeting were evidence of the impact intensives. Students thanked other students for helping them troubleshoot a particular projects or problem they were both working on. One student shouted out the entire 8th grade for their efforts in completing all the filmmaking challenges together. Cross-grade bonding was also apparent through all the classrooms. Of course, a special shoutout to the faculty for all their hard work in creating and running the intensives! It was a true communal effort and a great way to end the calendar year. Enjoy break!
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