Multitasking Magic

by Theo
This week in music, students are putting the finishing touches on their current class songs, Riptide (ukulele) and Complicated (guitar), as we get ready to move on to new challenges. Bringing together all of the different skills we’ve learned in music for one song is a real challenge in multi-tasking, especially for new musicians. This requires students to be intentional and self-driven in their learning, as they have to make decisions with peers in small and large groups and individually about when and how to integrate each element into the final product. 

One of the most difficult tasks that students are contending with right now is transitioning between all of the different chords that they’ve worked hard to learn. While it may sound simple, this can be more difficult than the chords themselves. Practice of repetition, anticipation of timing, and creative navigation of the fretboard are essential here.

This term, students have been asked to fill out a practice log to reflect their time honing skills outside of class. These practice logs are checked in the first music class of each week. Just like last term, students are expected to practice for at least 20 minutes each week outside of class. Practice assignments are posted on Blackbaud and told to students in class verbally. Please help your student continue to integrate a routine of practice into their week, and remember to fill out their practice log.

One of my favorite parts of teaching music is the magic that flourishes when all the parts of a whole come together. This isn’t about perfection, rather about experiencing the joy and connection of group accomplishment, and the wonder of making sounds we didn’t realize we could. Creating beauty as a group and knowing that it can’t happen without the collaboration and contributions of everyone in the room is a great reminder that alone we may go fast, but together we go far. This is where the magic happens.

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