Talent Show Thank Yous

by Emelio
Even if you weren't watching live, you've likely heard about how fabulous last Wednesday night was. If you were there, or if you watched the recording, then you know: last week's Talent Show was a smashing success! It's true -- SGS students are supremely, stunningly, smashingly talented! The night at Rainier Arts Center showcased a wide variety of performances: we saw digital art! We watched choreographed dances! We heard soloists sweetly singing, pianists proudly playing, duets dulcetly delighting! Rappers battled! Three Wednesdays grooved! Violin accompanied singing! An original skit made its world debut! And in between each act, our three 8th grade emcees held it down superbly with jokes, quality banter, and general poise and pomp. What a show, what a night, what a school.
And how, you ask, did such a feat find its footing? Dear Reader, let me tell you: a stage crew that punched above its weight! Yes, the crew was assembled hastily. Yes, they donned the customary black clothing of the backstagers. Yes, they learned everything on the fly, day-of, and hours before the performance, and yes, yes I say to you, they were incredible. The lights were bright! The sound was crisp! The ushings were polite! The runners ran! And those tireless stagehands sure busted their butts betwixt acts, setting everything up in a matter of moments for the following performance. What a crew! 
My editor informs me that I'm nearly out of exclamation points, so I'll have to cut this off with a resounding THANK YOU to the heroic volunteers (both faculty and families of students) who jumped in to support -- thank you thank you thank you!!! We couldn't have done it without you. 
Final note: if you didn't get a chance to watch yet, here's the link to the recording!
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